Balast Stone
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Basalttaş Basalt is a volcanic rock. Nature mass, is found in veins and currents. Real Basalt world's most robust natural taşıdır.reng are different shades of gray to black. Basalt structural erosion, climate and is highly resistant to time charter. This feature and color harmony sebebiyel the first architectural project of the interior and exterior floor and wall coverings, etc. spacecraft in the furnace room. often used in the
Basalttaş - Physical and mechanical properties of basalt stone crushing considering the composition is introduced into the concrete as aggregate in different doses and rates.
- Has already taken its place as the cornerstone of limestone ballast in the rail road.
- Glass-ceramic and mineral-based system is used for insulation.
- Basalt stone home heating with heat storage method is preferred as a practical and economical method. Because of the high heat storage efficiency is herein foreground.
- Basalt 'diagnosis is obtained by stone wool in any ship at sea and other structures built floor and wall insulation, because of resistance to high temperature in the fire door, boiler and boiler, air-conditioning equipment and ducts, in the chimney and flue gas in channel tanks and warehouses, It is used in the walls and ceiling insulation module.