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Kalandar basalt stone as a move that is based on the art of the past is alive today almost forgotten art of Basalt again. Excessive labor to turn the stone into art supplies whether Basalt much manual labor in the ancient years, was dealing with difficult people give because it was based entirely on human power. Reviews Today, it is advantageous to move into more basalt signature and techniques. Ecuadorian the weight of the stone quarry trucks needed to remove and install the stone is about 30 tons. The factory is transported to the field, then move the blocks by downloading the portal crane to the portal crane factory es placed in the machine is started by setting the machine to cut the desired size. It cuts almost like a terrible block este move gracefully required a great way to cut cheese. And the purpose here is both economic, as well as a forgotten art culture covering the magnificent building that will transport it to the present day civilization.